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The Long Beach Sustainable City Commission and the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability are seeking public input on the prioritization of sustainability action items for the coming year (2016-2017). We invite you to engage with us in this ongoing discussion of sustainability priorities for the coming year.

We encourage you to take a look at the action items proposed in the Long Beach Sustainable City Action Plan (SCAP). Adopted by City Council in 2010, the SCAP is intended to guide operational policy and financial decisions to create a more sustainable Long Beach. The SCAP is organized by seven key focus areas with each focus area containing a list of sustainability action items. If there are specific actions you feel should be prioritized for this year, please address them in the Focus Area Topics listed below. We also welcome you to review the action items we prioritized this past year in our 2015-2016 Work Plan

In addition to your online feedback, we encourage you to attend a special public comment component of the Sustainable City Commission meeting on Thursday, August 25th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the City Council Chamber of City Hall at 333 W. Ocean Blvd. Members of the community will be able to address the Sustainable City Commission on the prioritization of sustainability action items. 

For more information about the Sustainable City Commission and the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability, please visit:

Eco products and services and an active, eco‐conscious community are vital to a sustainable city. Ecologically and socially responsible products can help reduce our resource use as well as reduce our harmful impact on the planet.

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Caitlin K over 7 years ago

Creating a “shop green” program or directory and encouraging healthy food options and recreational activities that are accessible to all residents would augment existing “shop local” initiatives, as well as some of the other focus areas such as Buildings & Neighborhoods and Transportation.

Tony Damico over 7 years ago

We ought to use local government purchasing to urge the kind of food system we want to see, and to encourage private institutions to improve their procurement. Long Beach should consider adopting a Good Food Purchasing plan - a policy that increases standards for city-level food procurement. Los Angeles and a handful of cities are on the cutting edge of adopting this policy, which has already had a major impact! We have to seek policies that connect "green lifestyle" to other critical values - like , including key values of local business, nutrition, animal welfare, and a valued workforce. More info on the ground work we've done toward such a policy here: