Mark Lindsey, NO Fluoridation Long Beach CA

Mark Lindsey, NO Fluoridation Long Beach CA almost 10 years ago

Several recent studies have shown that public water fluoridation, which utilizes a toxic industrial waste product that can also contain arsenic, not a pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride that occurs in nature, is not only dangerous to your health, especially children, but is expensive to maintain.

Access to fluoridation is not a problem in Long Beach and we shouldn't be mass-medicated with this dangerous substance without our consent. It's also very hard to know how much of this registered pesticide you're ingesting, because it's in many food products served at restaurants.

Fluoride is NOT an essential nutrient and has been shown to reduce IQ in children. Most of the world has rejected fluoridation, and more and more are doing so as time goes on. Long Beach should consider the same and avoid the liability of wilfully poisoning its citizens.

Did you know you were drinking this chemical?

Do you agree that it's unnecessary and should be removed?

You can learn more about water fluoridation at: