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The City of Long Beach is examining replacement of the current on-street parking meters with a standardized, single-space smart meter system capable of accepting credit card payment.  After significant study of the issues, City staff believes smart meters with in-ground sensors can provide significant benefit to motorists, businesses and the City.  These meters are easy to use, take both coin and credit card, and can provide data such as the number of available parking spaces Citywide.  While providing a number of benefits, these meters come with additional cost and operational considerations.  A rate increase of $0.50 per hour will be needed to ensure that the City can afford smart meters in the future as credit card use becomes more prominent or higher than expected, or if revenue from the installation of the new meters does not materialize.  The study concluded that, even with the rate increase, Long Beach will still have at or below average parking meter rates, maintaining our competitive advantage over other beach cities.

We value your input as the City looks to potentially upgrade our on-street parking meters. We will aggregate and anonymize the input collected, and share the feedback with the City Council.

For more information, please read the Parking Meter Study: Parking Meter Survey

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Should the City upgrade on-street parking meters to accept credit cards?  Why or why not?

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